Kim Foged

Kim Foged

Head of ATM Systems

+45 20 98 99 56


As responsible for the Air division within Insero Air traffic Solutions I am responsible for developing and maintenance of our software solutions within the domain.


I focus on creating the best and most secure solutions for our customers. In many cases "mission-critical" systems. I have overall responsibility for systems and is an expert in ATM and Meteorology. I have been a big part of the development of many of our existing solutions and much of our software base. 

In addition, I am lecturer at VIA University College, Campus Horsens, why I naturally plays a major role in the company's contact to the education environment.

I am educated as a low power engineer from Aarhus Technical College with a subsequent superstructure as a Computer Engineer. I have been in the Air division for 22 years.



Kim Foged

Kim Foged

Head of ATM Systems

Insero Air Traffic Solutions


+45 20 98 99 56

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